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The statements here will reflect the official opinions of RFMNJ Hermits! We refer to ourselves as hermits due to the fact that we are only affiliated through the loose connections of the Internet or regular services. We are usually alone in our work and effort. There will be statements here made available from other sources. They will usually be dated when they are received. After 30 days, that date will be removed, yet the warnings will stay.

Warning! News Update!

The Church of Scientology has purchased the Cult Awareness Network! Any person searching for information dealing with the cult groups should keep this in mind. Any info received from the stated organization should be considered to be prejudiced and influenced by stated church.
And Now, Back to your regular, programed rambling!

Last updated on May 16, 2004

My Book of Light

This called a Book of Shadows in the Wiccan community. I prefer my choice of titles.


My Activist Page

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