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03/26/98 - The local college is having something called 'Homeless Awareness Week.' I'm happy to know that people wish to understand this situation. Radio announced that the students will be spending the night in a field in cardboard boxes. Is this a joke? What do they expect these kids to learn by this experience? That you can use a box instead of a tent? Can't they understand that this substance can be found in any dumpster? That it is readily available for use when there is no money. That it makes a great insulator between you and the ground on cold nights. The only real way to teach anything on this subject is to live the lifestyle. Lets take these kids to the Tenderloin of San Francisco and allow the transvestites and queens to harass them while their waiting for a free meal. Lets allow them to stay in a shelter, sleep on the floor, and wonder if your going to wake up in the morning. Then maybe they will understand a little.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! The sun is shinning and there's no rain in sight. I believe that I'll go enjoy the weather for a while. Of course I like to lie out nude. In this area, caution is necessary. The attitudes around here are 10 years behind the times. Hopefully they will catch up one day. Don't peek now!

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