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Malachi's Book of Shadows!
A lot of this was locate on the net. Items and information that make sense and are useful in this confusing world. I gave up organized Christianity many years ago. Was very deeply involved and at one time considered being a priest. Found that a few of my ideas, attitudes and thoughts were not compatible with this world's religion. Since then, those few thoughts have become many.



IT PREACHES THE GOSPEL of brotherly love and affection for all mankind 

IT BRINGS UNTO US the lessons of faith, of hope, and of charity 

IT REVEALS UNTO US the light wherein we see the divine plan of the Great Artificer of the Universe 

IT BREAKS OFF the corners of rough stone, the better to fit them for the builder's use 

IT FITS OUR MINDS as living stones for that Spiritual Building, that house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens 

IT BRINGS INTO OUR HEARTSthe secret of the lost word. The only secret there is in Masonry, the secret that comes to man through his own soul when in meekness and humility he kneels before God 

IT TEACHES US ALWAYS the lesson of the ages, that we are born to die, that all things earthly pass away, and our souls alone keep step with the march of eternity 

IT REVEALS UNTO US THE TRUTHthat man must meet death to find life 

IT PROCLAIMS UNTO USforever the message of our Patron, St. John the Evangelist, who tells us; " I am the resurrection and the life, saith the Lord, He that believeth in me though he were dead, yet shall he live, and whosever livith and believeth in me, shall never die." 

THIS MY BROTHERS IS THE SPIRIT OF FREE MASONRY, and upon this auspicious occasion let us not mourn our departed brother, but rather let us rejoice and give thanks. In every age, from time immemorial, men have knelt before the altars of Freemasonry and have found faith in the immortality of the soul - Faith which gladdens our hearts with the knowledge our departed brother, Brother............. has found eternal membership in the Celestial Lodge above.


Religious Thought- John 6:66- The only gosple which has the 'Mark of the beast' within it. Check it out!

Just a Story!

A young man was walking down the beach. He was walking along carefre when he came upon some starfish that had washed ashore. He stopped and picked up one of the starfish, looked at it and threw it as hard as he could past the waves. He did this several times.

An older man was watching the boy and became curious about what he was doing. He approached the boy and asked, 'What are you doing?" The boy replied, "I'm throwing the starfish back in the ocean so they can live and grow." The old man laughed and said, "You foolish child. Why do you waste your time? There are thousands of starfish and many miles of beaches. Don't you know you can't save them all? It makes no difference. Why don't you go and play?"

The you man stopped what he was doing, looked at the old man for a moment, then picked up another starfish and threw it past the waves. He turned to the old man and said, "No Sir! I may not save them all, but it sure made a difference to that one!"

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