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Songs and Chants:


>Holy man, in the eyes of the Lord.
Fishers of men,
Sons of the wind,
Givers of life,
Given to Strife,
Called by the heavenly
to ceaseless prayer.

Holy woman, in the eyes of the Lord.
Handmaiden to serenity,
Serving humility,
Calming the restless seas,
By the grace of the Almighty.

Lilies of the fields,
Birds of the air,
take not a care,
the Heavenly Father is aware.
>Be at peace with him.


The king of love,
The king of love.
He leaps upon the mountains
and skips upon the hills,
He looks through my window
and beckons me.
Arise my love and
come away with me,
to the land of

Gone are the snows
of the winter,
the flowers are appearing,
the little birds all sing.
This is the land
of eternal spring.
Arise my love,
my blessed one,
and come away,
away with me
to sing the
celestial harmony.

Love for the King,
Love for the King,
The king of love.


Look to the most high Elohim,
Look to the most high, most high Elohim,
king of kings, of kings, of kings.

Every morning born again
with the swiftness of the wind.
Keep on, keep on, keep on praising him.
Every morning born anew with the
freshness of the dew.
Keep on, keep on, keep on praising him.
The promises of God come through the clouds,
The newness of the morning is sung out loud.
The birds welcome you into Holy birth,
Be nice, rejoice and enjoy.


Jesus Christ, Lightning Amen,
He's walking here on the earth again.
He's the king of king,
the Lord of Lords,
His weapon is the flaming sword of truth,
that pierces every evil lie.
Turning the world right side up,
making peace on earth
for all those who love God.
Sing the Song of the Lamb.
Praise God. Amen.

These songs and chants were once known by Malachi of the Christ Family. As Malachi of RFMNJ Ministries, I only wanted to put these things down in writing so that I may remember....

January 29, 1993

Last edited: 04/05/98

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