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As of this editing, 1/19/98, I've moved back to Rome Georgia again. Seems like I can't stay put to long in one spot. This time the move was due to a job relocation. I have finally convinced myself to seek professional counseling in regards to this matter as well as attempting to help others. At moment, results of stated counseling can not be known.

As of the writing of this (2/19/97) there has not been very many changes. I have relocated to Dalton, Insight BBS no longer exist (see photo on Homepage), the cult groups are still out there and I'm just as confused as ever.

Don't get the wrong idea here tho. I'm NOT claiming to be a Christian. I'm not claiming to be nothing. If I'm anything, it's an Gnostic Christian Druid. Wow! How's that for a combo? But I really don't wish to get into a debate on theological beliefs here. That's included in our laws. We may discuss this one day.

Although I don't live in a literal hermitage at this time, I have in the past. The most recent being a little shack with no power, no running water, no nothing, in the middle of the desert 80 miles from Las Vegas. A little place called Paradise Valley. Nothing out there but Roadrunners and Rattlesnakes. Roadrunners are COOL! Rattlesnakes are NOT!

If you are reading this, you are here of your own free-will. You clicked it, live with it. Don't send any hate mail, you may get some in return. Keep in mind that my believing in a God does not include my kissing ass.

I have no intention here of beginning any church. The only intent of this ministry is the sharing of life stories dealing with or being part of the different groups. If asked we will state what each group teaches to public view. Some of the views are private which the public never sees. Let each person and reader make their own choices and answer to their own Gods.

Brother Malachi


This is the first issue of RFMNJ Press. It is owned and operated by Brother Malachi of RFMNJ Ministries of Rome GA.

First I want to introduce myself. I am Brother Malachi. I am a survivor and defector of the Christ Family.

RFMNJ Ministries is an alliance of persons similar to myself who have no other way to serve God. I do not know that I will ever see heaven (and I am sure that there are some that will call me a heretic for making that statement), the Bible states "that their hearts were hardened." Well apparently mine was for following a false Christ. I pray yet I feel nothing. If God answers my prayers I do not know it. I see these other Christians and non-Christian believers who seem so happy with their beliefs, and I envy them for being able to feel that way. All I ask for is that those people pray for us, so that we may have that same feeling one day.

Our purpose is to expose the lies at any cost. If one person is helped through this ministry, it has been worth all the trouble.

In Gods Name Brother Malachi March 16, 1993


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Past History Info:

In Jan. 1993, when the above was written, it was published for the first time on Insight BBS operated by a good friend of mine, Tim H. of Rome Ga. At that time the ministry was using the name of Morningstar. Due to conflicts of ideas and interest with another ministry of the same name, a new name was chosen.

Last Edited: 04/05/98

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