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Disclaimer3: To all Valhalla Coven visitors. I strongly urge you to visit the recovery pages. I appologize for the use of Christian scripture. They only said what I wanted to say. I am NOT a Christian. Please don't be offended by its use.
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Welcome to Malachi's 'Temple of the Mind.' Everything that you have learned until now is False! Enter at your own risk.


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Personal Pages:

Personal Info! Just some personal info, with some weird humor thrown in.

Poets Corner! My personal Ego Trip!

Death in CyberSpace! Special, Please Read.

From the Desk of Malachi! Official warnings and updates regarding cult activity.

Random Thoughts! These are my own headtrips. Nothing official about them and some are totally strange! Random thoughts posted here will be changed on no regular basis.

My Recovery Pages!My own progress through Religious deprogramming, of which there is no set system of therapy and AA. I totally promote the 12step program which can be used for any addiction of any kind, including God. This is the official page for #valhalla_coven on Starlink-irc network.

Activists Links Just some things that I worry about and care enough to state my opinion. Check them out! You may change your mind regarding these subjects.

For Lost Friends

For Friends Still Living

My Many Link Pages!

I am literaly a hermit attempting to live in this world of ours. I spend a large amount of time searching the web and have found many interesting sites.

Family and Friends Links! These are family websites and close personal friends of mine. From party deejays to comic book collectors, you will find them here.

IRC Links For the IRC and Web fanatics! Here's the info and fun.

Interesting Information from the Web

My World!

Unfortunately, I don't have any original work for pics of Gabrielle, Xena or Calisto. I have many pics which I have found on the net. I DO want to share tho. So I've posted the pics which I believe are the best. On the link pages, there will be a pic added for every 5 links, added as I choose them. I will also share the links on which I have found a million others. These pics will be changed at random times as I find others which I like. So keep checking back! I might find a new one for you.

Shrine of Gabrielle of Poteidaia! Just some personal idol worship here. Short bio, pic and links.

Tribute to Xena: Princess Warrior!Not quiet in as high status as Gab. but still a very lovely lady. More links.

Calisto's Jail 'Be a Witch, Not a Bitch!' Hmm! That quote must have been made for this sexy lady. More links.

Beautiful Women! Loveliness at it's best!

Fantasy Links and Entertainment.

Program and Utility Links! The programs which I use and the services which I abuse.

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