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From the desk of Malachi!

Hey! Have you ever been told that your tax dollars were supporting the homeless? Guess what? Somebody's been lying to you.

How do I know? I've been there. I spent the better part of 10+ years playing the homeless game. Finally got it through my thick head that I couldn't beat the system. I have seen the Rescue Missions and the Rehabilitation Centers from Georgia to California. I have worked 40 hour weeks for lodging and still had to live with the stigmatism of being homeless.

Yes! The Homeless work! They work at places called Day Labor. Pays about $20 a day. It's hard to get off the streets on those wages. They also pay taxes on this pay. It would be my estimate that 98% of homeless people NEVER file tax returns. What happens to this money? Is it being used to support them? Is the Government secretly keeping the homeless population in existence to prevent this unclaimed income from ending? Could they end homelessness if they wanted to? To many questions.

The Salvation Army operates one of the largest, non-profit organization in this country. Their Rehab centers are well known in the larger cities for their charity work. They provide emergency assistance to people in need, they shelter battered women, they feed children. All good causes and reasons for being. Does this justify slavery?

The men and women in those centers work 40 hours a week for their room and board, plus a small allowance (usually about $20). Their required to attend their AA or drug dependency classes, and their required to attend the Salvation Army church.

What's wrong with this picture?

Once again, do you think that your tax dollars support these places? The Rehab center in Oklahoma City had a million dollar income 7 years ago. The donated clothing was shipped out in railroad cars to be recycled. Who is processing all these clothes? The homeless with their 40 hour weeks. When I was there, the inmates number 120. If you had any disagreement with these 'Christians' you were put back out on the streets. Violation of the rules is one thing. I can understand the 'No drinking, drugging.' rules. But for a civil right, constitutional right of freedom of religion? What would you do if you lost your job and home because of NOT attending a specific church?

Imagine a million dollar a year company with 120 employees that were NOT paid. Where does the tax dollars fit in here? Is it paying for the lodging? Their meals? Surely not their clothing. I was given mine out of the donations.

The collection centers are worked by the homeless. The cooking is done by the homeless. The housekeeping is done by the homeless. The warehouses are worked by the homeless. AA and NA are worked by volunteers. Even the Emergency Services are worked by homeless and volunteers.

Where is your tax dollar going? Is it paying the preachers salary? Come on folks! I thought that this was a Christian organization. Is this what Christianity is all about? Maybe a friend was being truthful when she stated that the 20 acres they had bought came from a Salvation Army Officer. Is this what your tax dollar paying for?

I have seen a few Christian missions in this country. Ones located in Rome Ga. It's also a Salvation Army. Being Christian has nothing to do with the name, but with the people who work there and manage the place. As of this writing, the Officer I'm thinking of is now in Warner Robbins Georgia. He would do anything to help a person.

I know of some other good people who claim to have nothing to do with Christianity. One is my best friend of 30 years. He's a Mad Scientist and a Mason. Science and Religion are not always compatible. We have had several bad disagreements but have always managed to get passed them. He allowed a homeless friend to sleep on a couch when the family turned their backs on him.

Where is the idea of Christianity here?

To be continued!
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