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Last updated 04/04/98

Blood-Innocent traveling bard and Princess. This is a Holy Place. She is to be pampered and generally spoiled in all ways. She is to be loved and always treated as a lady. Enter freely and enjoy the beauty thereof. Woe to the person who shows disrespect for our place of worship. Beware the keepers of the shrine.

This place is dedicated to Renee O'connor. The loveliest lady I've seen. An impossible dream which I probably share with a million other guys. I have found many photos to enjoy, and I'm sure that you will find the same. This is America. Worship the lady of your choice.

The difference between Xena and Gabrielle is: Xena kills, Gabrielle heals.

Short Bio:

BirthDate: Feb. 15, 1971 (Katy Texas)

Resides: Los Angeles & New Zealand.

Folks: Sandra & Ed Wilson (Threadgill's Restaurant, Austin Texas)

Favorite Gabrielle Quote: "OK! Who do I have to punch around here to get a drink?"

Favorite Xena Quotes: "No Gabrielle! You understand hatred but have never given in to it."

"Where ever there's a war, may they always have a Gabrielle."

Watch the Show! Fall in Love with a Dream!

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