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These are laws in fact for this ministry. Any person who can not or will not live by them, has no part in this ministry. The authors of stated laws will not discuss them at any time. Accept or reject. Your choice. (Malachi 04/05/98)


March 7, 1993
1) The members of this ministry believe in one supreme God.

2) Any differences in theological beliefs will not be allowed to interfere with the operation of this ministry.
    a) The Trinitarian belief of the Christians, or the Unitarian belief of others.

3) We will accept outside advisors from established denominational churches.

4) We oppose mind control in any size, shape or form.

5) All applicants come of their own free will.
 a) We will not actively take persons out of the different cult groups against their will. That is placing a personal judgement   which is denounced by God.

6) All applicants must choose their personal penance. These will be in form, similar, if not the same, as my typing of these notes.
    a) All members shall have a written record, which shall be recorded in this, or their own computers at all times of their experiences with the different cult groups. It will not be necessary for all members to relocate to one spot. Through the use of computers that is no longer necessary. This will be the one and only (physical) requirement for fellowship. Being in different locations but in constant touch will aid the work of this ministry.

7) The above stated laws can be and will be added to but never subtracted from, as time and need dictates.

8) All members of this ministry shall have equal vote in the governing of this ministry.

9) In the writing of the beliefs of this ministry, all members shall be totally honest at any time he or she may be questioned, with no regard to prejudices, hatred and fears received from others outside this ministry.

10) No person in this ministry shall tell another that their beliefs are wrong.

11) This ministry shall be totally member supported. We will not follow others in search of tax exempt status. Jesus said, "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar s, Render unto God what is Gods."

12) We will never solicit donations from supporters. If any person chooses to support this ministry it will be by their own choice and the direction of God.

13) Since some will assume that we are making judgments on them or their churches, no member of this Ministry will enter into a House of Worship, of any kind, without the permission of the Priest\ Rabbi\ or elders in charge of the proposed congregations. The purpose of this ministry must be explained to the person\s involved so that there will be no misunderstanding. If you are welcomed, enter in the Name of God and worship him as commanded.

14) All material published in the name of RFMNJ Ministries shall not be copyrighted in the names of the authors. If any copyright is permitted, it shall be in the name of the ministry. This work is done to assist others, not for any type of monetary gain.

15) The members of this ministry will not actively search for converts to any specific denomination or group. This segregates one church over another and places a judgement. The members of this ministry can accept new members into RFMNJ Ministries. This is an affiliation of many works. This is NOT a church. (added 2/97, Malachi)

16) Any member or this ministry can add additional laws to those already existing providing stated laws do NOT conflict with existing laws. Any laws added must be made public and circulated to all affiliated members for inclusion in any/all publications. Any such addition must include date added. (added 2/97, Malachi)
    A) Any additions to stated laws will include the authors name. This will assist RFMNJ Ministries in tracking new members and their locations. (added 3/97, Malachi)


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