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Zen and the Art of Webpage Maintenance: This page is my friend and confessor. I don't expect anyone to understand or agree with the statements made on this page. These are only some rambling thoughts which I have had a different times. Most are not based on any scriptural knowledge, so don't look for it. I was once told that a thought is 'complete when it is written down on paper.' Well, this is where I'm writing them down. Where does the Zen come in? 'Can a voice be heard in an empty room when there is no one to listen?' I will add all new items at the bottom of page. You will have to scan all articles to find newest one.

To Hell With Being Politically Correct!

- It's time for the 'Showdown on Sesame Street!'

Gay/Lesbian Purple Dinosaurs are a Sin!

All new Barnies must die! -The only Legal Abortion. RE: Numbers 5:19-25.

Mickey Mouse is the Anti-Christ! - Prophecy proves it. It CAN'T be Billy Clinton.

Winn Dixie hires Smurfs! - Smart are slaves. Smurfs are robots. Smurfs say, 'Yes Papa Smurf.', even when they disagree. Smurfs are BLUE! I am NOT a good Smurf!

Frodo Lives!

Big Bird just got sucked into a B-1 Bomber! - Imagine fried Turkey.

If you crossed a Penguin with a Turtle what would you get?

Never give an idiot a computer.

Stupid people should NEVER breed!

KILL the luv bug! Live for lust only!

I disqualify myself, in all ways, of ever again, carrying the title of any religious leader. Since this is against scripture, I lose nothing again. May all those leaders be judged as they have judged.

In Memory of PDGC Simon, an end of a 20 year friendship. He'll never be replaced.

Just Wondering!: The other night, I had a debate with my boss at work. Seems that he had to tell a homeless person to leave the store. Now in and of itself, regarding the business location, that was the correct thing to do. Security on third shift has to come first at all times. Yet, this man, has made many comments regarding attending church. I assume that he is Christian. While he and another employee were joking of protecting the store from the homeless, I wondered if he was going to church that Sunday and telling everyone there what he did and explaining his attitude during the action. Is this Christianity?

The Sin of Kindness!: Have you ever wondered why, when you attempt to do something nice for a person, you are treated as if you did something wrong? Several recent incidents in my life has led to this thought. But the one that strongly stays with my mind is one that happened several years ago.

It was during my wild and drinking days. A comment was made by a lady which I had met in a bar. "A good drunk!" "A good person to be friends with!" This is what I was told. I remember this every time I see the anti-male sentiments on the web. Every time I see talk shows on television where women can't find good men. Seems to me that they find exactly what they search for.

I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea. I'm not purposely getting down on the ladies. This is just the best example that I can think of for this.

You try to be nice and you get treated like dirt, even if it's unintentional. You act like an asshole and you have more friends then you can count. What confuses me are the complaints afterwards.

Does it sound like a lack of confidence here? One friend even stated that he would "like to find the person who had knocked me down to kick their ass." He didn't understand that this can not be blamed on any one person or thing. Or that he, a friend, could have been part of it.

I could keep on speaking of this subject, with many misunderstanding among friends and family, yet I don't believe that it will explain anymore than the above example.

Is Nudity a Sin?: 'In the beginning,' 'both Adam and Eve were naked and were unashamed.' 'As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end.' - Deep debatable thoughts. We must go back to the beginning. There was NO shame in nudity. There was NO sin in it. 'You must become as a child,' - Deeper thought still. A child can be nude and feels NO shame. A child can be nude and commit NO sin.

Riding the Edge: This is a subject that I have written about several times in my personal notes. This time it's public. This statement was made by my best friend, several years ago. When applied on a day by day basis, it can make the common seem uncommon.

To 'ride the edge' of sanity is the ultimate high, or low, in a persons life. Maintaining a fine balance between stability and what-ever else may be out there. What's the choice here? Acceptance of the given? Retreat from the same? Death and dishonor?

The last choice will be first here since it's the most radical and obvious. How many suicides could have been prevented if people knew what to watch for? To recognize when a person is on that edge. To be able to assist in maintaining that fine balance. How many people have thought about this act and didn't even understand the reason why? I have several times and in my personal beliefs, it IS a dishonor.

Retreat? I tried that also. Alcoholic induced depression was what they called it at the time. My brain had shut down. 'That does not compute.' I can relate to that silly statement now. I lost 2 entire months of my life where I have absolutely NO memory. Weird feeling. Makes me think of the song called 'WipeOut.' I do recall a migraine headache that seemed to last about the same time period.

The Philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous: Some people ask me why in the laws of RFMNJ I specifically denounce AA. This is a misconception. I denounce the tie between AA and the church. The association between the secular and the non-secular. The association between the Christian and the non-Christian.

The philosophy of this group states 'to find a higher power other than yourself.' This can be the god concept of the Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jew or Satanist. This can be NO god, but the group itself. AA, in and by itself, is a great concept. RFMNJ is based on that same concept. To help ourselves by helping others. By affiliating itself with this group, any Christian church denounces any belief in the god they promote and the salvation he/she offers.

Lust and the Single Man: I have basically, if unofficially, dedicated this site to Renee O'Connor. Many men will agree with me that she is a beautiful lady. Possibly a few women will also agree. Now, we all know that scripture states 'that to lust with ones heart is the same as a physical act.' Yea, I know those are not the exact words. To many beers makes me forgetful of perfection. My question. Am I condemning myself to hell for loving a lady that will probably never even know I exist? Is there a distinction between love and lust? Yes, I know that physically the lady is lovely. Spiritually or mentally I don't know. I can only make my judgements on what I've seen, which has been on TV. Can you fall in Love with an idea? A fantasy? Is this wrong?

The Curse of Self-Isolation: Have you ever wondered how priest/preachers/Rabbis or any other religious person could remain isolated and alone for any long period of time? I can understand it. The loneliness can drive a person absolutely insane. I have felt so lonely at time that I have made myself physically sick. The bible promises us a 'helpmate.' I have prayed for this. To find that person. Yet I am still alone.

I see couples and feel envy. I see couples and feel anger. I see couples and feel self-pity.

Yes, I am guilty of all these sins. May God forgive me. This is the point here. We of the clergy are just like any one else. The difference is the search for forgiveness and the insistence of control in our lives. The quest of celibacy is the hardest one of all. Especially if you live in the world as I do.

Equal Rights for Rabbits! I've been reading all the news articles regarding Mrs. Kelly in the Air Force. She and her lawyer seem to believe that she has been mistreated. Hey folks, she was only discharged while others of the male gender are in prison. She committed adultery. She disobeyed a direct order and she lied about it. The