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Name: Robert V. Scott, Birthdate 04/29/60, male, single, interested but not looking very hard at the moment. That LuvBug might get stepped on the next time it shows up.

Current Location: San Luis Obispo California.

Family Life: 1 brother (married) with a new son in Rome Georgia, 1 sister (married) in Dalton Georgia, Parents (both still living) in Dalton Georgia.

Me and Jonathon    Me, mom and Jonathon 2

Hobbies: Computers (naturally), HTML, photography (various including digital), motorcycles, writing poetry (check out 'Poets Corner'), collecting anything that has to do with the Xena: Princess Warrior series, reading almost anything with the exception of romance novels (Harliquin and other similar trash).

Other Interest: Cult (any religious indoctrination) Recovery. IRC

Job title - Self Employed, Sub-Contractor

Key responsibilities - Doing Webpage/Banner design, computer tech, lawn maintanence.

Workgroup- Myself, My stereo.

My Company Name- Scott-Enterprises (also see Scott-Productions
Valhalla Techs
Valhalla Banners & Webdesign.

Current Projects:


Lat Updated: 09/21/00

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