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In regards to this page, I will do my best to keep people with the correct traditions. Each icon here represents a different belief. I promote none of them. Follow at your own risk.

In Memory of Jerry Lee Johnson, beloved uncle and friend. 1970

In Memory of George Henry Johnson, beloved Grandfather and friend. 1994

In Memory of Henry Michael Johnson, beloved uncle and friend. 1998

In Memory of Mitch Perkey, 1976-2004, Lost in the shuffle of meds and faces. A good friend to all. He will not be forgotten.

In Memory of Mindy, another person caught in the shuffle, from Melanie and all friends on IRC. 2004

In Memory of Elizabeth Eschner, 1917-2004, beloved Aunt of InsanityIG, Gone by Not forgotten.

In Memory of Amy, beloved of melanie, 2004

Im Memory of Ronald Wilson Reagan, 1911-6/5/04

Last updated on May 22, 2004