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Doing business as: Alfa Mutual Insurance Company, Alfa Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Alfa Mutual General Insurance Company, Alfa Life Insurance Company, Alfa Insurance Company, Alfa General Insurance Corporation, Alfa Financial Corporation.

Date March 24, 1998

With the exception of personal info, this is a letter received on March 26, 1998

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policy                                         vehicle                             date of intent not to renew
*******                                    *************              June 11, 1998, 12:01am standard time

In accordance with the term and conditions of the policy identified above, we are notifying you that this policy is
terminated effective on the Date Of Nonrenewal and on said date, after said time, no further protection will be
provided thereunder.

The reason for the termination of your policy is as follows:
    1)  Due to our underwriting requirements, you do not qualify for insurance coverage under the above referenced
     policy. We were unable to obtain necessary information.

Any premium refund will be forwarded to you in the near future.

You are hereby notified of your possible eligibility for Liability and Physical Damage coverage's through the Georgia
Automobile Insurance Plan. 2) Our Alfa Agency represents several insurance carriers and may be able to give you a
quote on other insurance. If you want help with other insurance or have questions about this notice, please call your
Alfa office at ***-***-****

                                 Notice Regarding Personal Information
You have the right to 3) request information pertaining to the specific items of personal information which were utilized in
the underwriting decision to terminate this policy by submitting 3a) a written request, to us, within 30 days of the date of the
Termination Notice. Our response may be written or oral. We may refer you to an insurance related organization; or
a Consumer Reporting Agency where you will be able to obtain copies of your file. 4) We may deny access to recorded
personal information to the extent 5) the information is collected in connection with or in reasonable anticipation of claim,
civil or criminal proceeding. We will assist you in correcting any personal information we have or we will notify you of
our refusal and your right to file a protest statement. The appropriate person or organization will be notified of any
changes in the recorded personal information.

page 2

                                          Notice of  Nonrenewal

Code Section 33-24-45 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated provides that this insurer must upon request, furnish
you with the reasons for the failure to renew this policy. If you wish to assert that the nonrenewal is unlawful, you must
file a written notice with this insurer before the time at which the nonrenewal becomes effective. The notice must specify
the manner in which the failure to renew is alleged to be unlawful. If you do not file the written notice, you may not later
assert a claim or action against the insurer based upon an unlawful nonrenewal.

Additionally, within fifteen days of receipt of this Notice of Nonrenewal, you may mail or deliver a written request for
a review of the nonrenewal by the Commissioner if you believe your policy has been nonrenewed in violation of O.C.G.A
33-24-45. Your request must state the reasons why you believe the nonrenewal is in violation of O.C.G.A. 33-24-45.

During the period of review of the termination of this policy, you may tender to us a 30 day pro rata portion of the
premium applicable to the policy at the time of termination 6) in the amount of $22.05. You shall submit proof of such
tender of premium as a part of the request for review by the Commissioner.

What's this?

My car insurance is not going to be renewed. Why? I haven't had a ticket in 20 years. Haven't had a drink in 5 months so it couldn't possibly be a dui. What is this information they couldn't receive? (Reference 1) How can it be important enough to result in this action. I have never received any request  verbal or otherwise for this information, with the exception of the information given at the time of taking out this policy.

(Referance 2) Their going to refer me to another insurance that they carry??? Is this a way to get another large fee for opening up a new policy??

(Reference 3/3a) This has been done. Request sent through email and stored in independent location.

(Referance 4) Their going to refuse to give me information? In regard to why my policy is being canceled I believe I have a right to know!

(Referance 5) Are they accusing me of committing a crime? Or just worried that their doing something wrong? I'm willing to prove my driving record.

(Referance 6) Hmmmm! I've gotta pay the state to check this out and that's only for the review! I thought our taxes paid for this stuff. Is the state working with the insurance companies to make a profit?

Protest this people!

Why can this stuff happen? I thought you had to be a criminal to be punished. At least here in America I did. Don't wait for it to happen to you. Call your Alfa representatives and complain. Don't make your next premium. A million of us could make a difference. That much cash would get any companies attention.

Well! It seems that this was all a big snafu. Seems like they had tried to call me and couldn't find me. Apparently this give them the right to stop your insurance coverage. Watch out ppl! They may call you one day. Hope you at home.

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Created by Robert V. 'Malachi' Scott
Edited: March 26, 1998 1:27pm EST