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Activist Sites!

These are some very interesting sites which have caught my attention. Some can be on the Adult Interest side, although they are NOT pornographic. Use at own risk.

Free Tommy Chong!!!!

National Coalition for the Homeless

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

Adult Check!The Largest Age verification system on the net. I've paid my $10, have you?

American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia!

American Civil Liberties Union! National Organization.

Berkeley to Curb Sidewalk Sitters!Persecution of the Homeless! Article at ACLU

Cities Ordering Police to Clear Out Homeless!

Envirolink Information NetWork!

Glide Memorial United Methodist Church! I ate many meals at this location during my homeless period in San Francisco. Right in the middle of the Tenderloin. I've slept on the streets there. These folks do a lot to help folks get straight again.

Lifestyle Discrimination!

State of Georgia Homepage!

Supreme Court Hears Arguments Today on the Future of Free Speach in Cyberspace!

Synergy: Galleries/Dolphins!

The International Wolf Center!

Worker's Rights!

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Last Edited: 04/22/04